Guarani. The essence of Paraguayan yerba mate

Guarani is a Paraguayan yerba mate grown in the department of Itapúa near the Argentinian border. Thanks to the perfect climate conditions, the region is home to many famous mate tea companies. One of them is the legendary EBSA. The company, commonly associated with the world-renowned Selecta brand, is also responsible for Guarani. Almost seven decades of EBSA’s activity has been marked by constant development and implementation of revolutionary improvements. The Guarani brand, intended especially for the European market, is their newest product.

A long tradition and vast experience combined with openness to what is new and innovative turned out to be the key to success. Those who have tried Guarani appreciate the depth and noble bitterness of the brew. In addition to the classic yerba despalada and elaborada, the offer includes special flavor variations based on fruit and herbal ingredients. In this issue. Citrus fruits bring a hint of freshness, aromatic katuava gives ethereal depth, while the best-selling version with guarana makes yerba mate a real energy potion. Find your favourites and enter the world of Guarani!

About Guarani

Why Guarani?

The power of tradition

Guarani is produced by EBSA, a well-known Paraguayan company also responsible for the legendary Selecta brand. It embodies the experience gained over almost seven decades of dynamic operation!

Highest Quality

Guarani is produced using specially selected leaves of the highest quality in accordance with the centuries-old techniques by people for whom yerba mate is not only a drink, but…

Richness of flavour

No matter if you choose classic, fruity or herbal variation of Guarani, you will be amazed by its richness and profoundity. This is a must try!

How it's produced?


The leaves of paraguayan holly are collected in spring. Plantation workers manually cut whole branches. Then, the harvest is packed into bags, in which it's transported directly to the hall, where…


It takes place in two stages. First - for about 20 seconds - the leaves are heated over hot flames (so-called sapecado). Then, they're subjected to drying over the hearth…

Grinding & aging

Dried leaves are subjected to machine grinding. Then they are put into jute bags, in which they mature for about half a year. After that, they are grinded again.


Once the seasoning and grinding is over, yerba mate can be put into packets. Before that, fruits, herbs and other ingredients are added and mixed with the whole. Then, as…

The essence of Paraguayan yerba mate

The highest quality in accordance with tradition


From the world of Guarani

The power od Paraguayuan yerba mate. New Guarani flavours!

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news from us on the blog, so we’re catching up and in today’s post we’re going to introduce you to some of…

Guarani Katuava. Yerba mate with famous aphrodisiac!

Guarani Katuava is a high-quality yerba mate with katuava. If you haven’t tried this ingredient before, you must be wondering what is this mysterious plant and how does it work.…

Guarani Tradicional – a real treat for the lovers of classics

It is said that Paraguayan yerba mate has its fans mainly among people who are in love with typical bitterness. Paraguayans drink mainly strong and dusty yerba mate with a…

Guarani Family

Discover the flavours of Guarani!

yerba mate guarani classic
Traditional yerba mate

The essence of  Paraguayan mate tea in classic edition! Guarani Tradicional and Guarani Despalada consist only of ilex paraguariensis without any additional ingredients. They're characterized by profound flavour and great stimulating properties.

Herbal yerba mate

Discover the ethereal magic of herbal mate teas! Guarani mixes perfectly with herbs such as katuava, boldo, mint and muira puama. Profound flavour, high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and great properties. Choose one of the three available blends and stimulate your body and mind the natural way!

Fruity yerba mate

Lemon, passion fruit or stimulating guarana? Fruity ingredients go really well with noble bitterness of mate tea! Find your favourite flavour and enjoy the natural richness of Paraguay without any limits!


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